Inspire Moment #39: Turn Up the Volume

You know when you are in the car listening to the radio and your favorite song comes on?  What do you normally do when you hear it?  You probably do what Inspire Moment #39 is all about, you Turn Up the Volume!

If your life were the lyrics to your favorite song, would you turn up the volume?  Think about it.  I hope you would but if not that’s where I come in to inspire you to change.  Maybe it’s time to write some new lyrics in your life.  How could you do that?  Well, you could turn up the volume really loud in your own life that it starts to hurt your ears (and your head) so that you would have to make a change OR you can recognize right now that your life IS your favorite song and it is worth turning it up a few notches today!  Not tomorrow, TODAY!

You are the songwriter…do you want to hear and feel the harmony in your own life every single day?  You can today so Turn Up the Volume and start dancing!  It’s your life!!

Inspire Moment #26: Step INTO the Uncomfortable Zone

Inspire Moment #26 is a video to encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone this week. 

Imagine your potential to grow when you step into the uncomfortable zone!


Inspire Moment #24: Ride the Wave

Whether you are riding a wave in the Pacific Ocean or trying to manage the ups and downs of your professional life to stay afloat, you have to have BALANCE.  Inspire Moment #24 is one you can watch to learn how to Ride the Wave.  Enjoy!

Inspire Moment #23: Vulnerability

You are one of a kind.  There is no one in the world who is exactly like you.  How special is knowing that!  How liberating would it be to live exactly who you were made to be.  All you have to do is be you.  Simple as that!

Inspire Moment #23 is Vulnerability.  Be free to be you.  Don’t worry about what someone else may think of you and let it ruin your day.  Let them ruin their own day by wasting time judging others.  Let them own their own feelings.  Don’t try to do it for them.  Please don’t welcome their negatives feelings about you into your own life, because you know what?!  They aren’t even your feelings to begin with, so stop being so nosy!  Here is what I mean…

You are out a party/work/social event enjoying yourself and doing your thing.  You get this feeling that someone across the way is talking about you and it doesn’t feel positive.  It begins to bother you inside, in your head.  When that begins to happen you need to  first STOP the voice inside your head.  (p.s- I’m the coaching expert on this so if you want help, enroll in a session). Next thing…put up your “mental shield” to block those negative thoughts from coming across the room and getting in your head.  Get them to bounce off the “mental shield.”  Visualize it and remember…just be who you are.  Be who you were made to be!

Let them have their own “negative thoughts about other people party” because you know what…you’re not invited!

Inspire Moment #22: Dress Your Part

Ever feel like you get stuck wearing the same clothes in your wardrobe every week?  You have plenty to choose from, but you always go to the same or similar outfits?  There is nothing wrong with wearing what is comfortable and what you have been in the comfort zone of wearing.  What I want to encourage you to do is to make certain that what you are wearing everyday is a true reflection of you, your inner you.

Inspire Moment #22 “Dress You Part” came to me this morning when I was thinking of what to wear.  I began to put on what has been a staple piece in my wardrobe and then I thought, “time for a change and to shake it up.”  I thought, “is this outfit a true reflection of who you are Ange?”  I then thought “no, it isn’t anymore.  It is boring! Time to mix it up.”  I don’t feel boring, so why am I going to dress “boring.”  I hope this story encourages you today to dress your part.

Remember that this life you are living is not dress rehearsal, so make sure you are dressing your part everyday!

Inspire Moment #17: Say No to Doubt

It creeps up on you like a cheap pair of underwear.  Yes, you know what I’m talking about, doubt!  We begin to doubt our abilities and our strengths, we doubt our feelings and then we begin to doubt everything in our life. “Am I making the right decision?” comes into your head.  And just like that underwear gets stuck, so do you!  You get stuck in that rut of thinking you can’t do anything, you aren’t good enough, etc.  Well, today’s Inspire Moment is to get you to say NO to doubt when those “lack of confidence” moments begin to take over in your mind.  When that time comes when you begin to lack trust in YOU, I want to encourage you to take a moment and pinch yourself on the arm.  That pinch will soon become a reminder that you are strong enough to get through those times where you are hesitant to believe that you can.  You are capable.  You are strong enough.  You may just have to dig deep to find the courage.  So, say no to doubt and say yes to having confidence in you today!