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Inspire Moment #85: How Does the Green Grass Grow?

They say the grass isn’t always greener.  You may have even stepped over to the “other side” and learned/saw that yourself recently that it is not as good/green as you thought it would be.  Yes?  No?  So if the grass isn’t greener, what is it about “it” that makes us want to go there and why do we think it is greener to begin with?   That brings me to the moment I had this morning, your Inspire Moment for today #85…How Does the Green Grass Grow?

As your Mental Strength & Conditioning Coach, my thinking is this…we think it is greener because we want something to grow in our own life.  We seek change in our life.  We desire something different in our life and we desire it now.  We need growth to happen.

So if you are someone who needs the green grass to grow in their life, here are some suggestions on how to start.  It’s all about your attitude and thinking!  We’re not going to the “other side” and heading over to someones else’s lawn. Rather, we are taking care of the green we have in our own life already.  1. Hydration – are you watering it? (are you taking care of yourself the best way you know how?)   2. Landscaping – are their too many weeds and dry spots with no grass at all. (is it time to eliminate the toxins in your life?) 3. Maintenance – do you fertilize it?  (do you work on the root of you?)  4. Enjoyment – do you take time to enjoy the beauty of it? (have you made time to enjoy the present?)

Just a little insight this morning to get the wheels spinning because we all need is an Inspire Moment every day.  Make it a great way and grow away!

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