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Inspire Moment #77: The Plan has to be Action

You probably spend time writing a “to do” list and thinking things through in your head of stuff that you need to complete for work or in your personal life.  We all do.  First thing I want to ask you is this…why is “it” on the list to begin with or why is “it” taking up space in your head to get done in the first place?  Would life fall apart if “it” never got done?  Probably not!   Is it worth your time thinking about it anymore?  Inspire Moment #77 is The Plan has to be Action.

It’s simple. Stop re-writing your list now and stop thinking about it and start taking action today, even if you don’t know where to start.  Period.  You could think about it until your head explodes and you could write it down until your hand falls off or you could just start taking action.  Take a first step now.  The baby step is to simplify it in your head because it’s only as big of deal as you think it is.  The key – one…step…at…a…time.

The less room we take up in our head for “noisy stuff” that needs to get done, the more room to experience balance and joy in life. 

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