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Inspire Moment #89: Your Crusade

Imagine your life is like going on vacation to that place you always wanted to go and experience those things you always wanted to experience.  Well, since your vacation I’m sure you would take time to think about them and even take chances to achieve those things and experience that fulfillment, right?  I mean you’re on vacation, so what does it matter anyway!  You probably would think to yourself “I’m not going to be here on vacation for very long so I might as well just go for it now.” You might even think, “Now is the perfect time to do this or that because no one at home is watching, friends won’t make fun or judge me, and I can really just be myself.  I love this feeling!”

Inspire Moment #89 is about Your Crusade.  Your life.  Your journey.  You are on a vacation.  You don’t know how long that you will be here for, but you do know that you have all the opportunity while you are here.

Now it’s time for Coach Angie to ask some questions to get you thinking one step further to get you moving forward…are you vacationing in the spot that you want to be?  Do you like where you are staying or do you need to change or upgrade?  Did you sign up for the events/activities that bring you joy while you are here?  Do you need more time to relax?

Change your thinking.  Change your life.  It’s Your Crusade.

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